Network Services & Products

Network Services & Products

Professional Network Services

Providing Result
For many companies it is difficult to organize the network infrastructure really well. Makes sense, because it’s not their core business. Ours does. We know the importance of clarity about the purpose and needs of your business. Want to know the effectiveness of your current network infrastructure? Professional Network Services helps you to identify the current and desired situation, by performing:

  • Assessments (Lan, wifi, datacentre & security)
  • Network & Application Performance Services ( 360ยบ visibility, performance degradations, Resolve & Validate)
  • Cyber security (vulnerabilities analyses, pentests & solutions)
  • Surveys (WIFI, network & datacentre)
  • Roadmap development (Lifecycle management, new technologies)
  • Functional Requirement analysis and definitions
  • Design building ( high-level and low level design & proof of concepts)
  • Project engineering

Operational Network Services

Provides certainty
A network that is always available. And where you avoid problems, or can solve them immediately. That’s what you get with ABnetwork Network Operations. We offer continuity and availability at a predetermined level, based on methodologies that have become market standard, such as ITIL. And we are happy to advise you on innovation opportunities, so that you are today prepared for tomorrow’s challenge. We offer:

  • 24/7 operational support
  • Pro-active monitoring
  • Preventive services
  • Installation services
  • Hardware & software delivery, support
  • Break-fix services
  • Flexible engineering

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