AB Academy


At the AB Network Academy, we facilitate continuous development with training courses, guidance and coaching.

Customized training courses

Nearly all of the Academy’s training courses and programs were developed in-house. Most of the courses are customized. They are taught at AB Network locations by various external trainers or by AB Network professionals.

Entry Requirements

The level of our training courses is high; we are the knowledge authority on ICT network infrastructure technology, after all. Moreover, we want to give you the best chance of completing the course successfully and obtaining a certificate. For that reason, we have set conditions and entry requirements for some of the training programs.

In addition, we demand quite a lot from you in terms of dedication, creativity, concentration and flexibility. Some of the training sessions may take place in the evening, for example, and you are expected to work on study assignments in your own time.


The development of technical knowledge and personal and communicative skills can be initialized by AB Network and by you. There may be specific skills or fields that you, as a professional, want to study but that are not described in the Academy. In this case, we will sit down together and see how we can meet your needs.

Are you inquisitive and willing to go the extra mile to find solutions?