The AB Network DNA


This document is designed to give you an impression of the DNA of AB Network. Our thoughts, beliefs and principles are written down in a clear language and are also the fundamentals to make our decisions. Completeness is not the goal. It’s about sharing our DNA.

Vision & Mission


AB Network aims to be the knowledge center (well of wisdom) in ICT network infrastructure for the whole of Belgium. We support organisations by implementing our high-level knowledge in networking and security solutions to support their businesses allowing our customers to concentrate on their core business.


We continuously invest in the knowledge and skills of our employees. That is the basis for their individual development, the basis for the expertise we offer our customers and the basis for AB Network’s organic growth.

The autonomous growth of AB Network is achieved by the continuous development of our professional experts.

Business objectives

AB Network is the well of wisdom (knowledge center) to support, build, optimize and manage future-proof ICT network infrastructures to maintain long-term relationships with our customers.

Growing professionalism is the foundation of AB Network. All our employees aim the highest technical certification and the best personal skills to provide the best level of services to our customers.  This means that our employees are continuously improving and developing themselves to act in a professional way. This is the basis for continuously exceeding expectations. “Exceeding Network Ambitions” is what we stand for.


Our employees are the DNA of AB Network. A true AB-er has an open mind to continuously develop a high level of professional knowledge & expertise. (S)he knows how to translate his/her wisdom into his daily tasks. A real AB-er is ‘driven by curiosity’. This means that an AB-er:

– Is intrinsically motivated to learn;
– Formulates and achieves his/her development goals;
– Is open to guidance during its development;
– Challenges him/herself to become the better version of him/herself.

We facilitate our professionals to improve their personal and professional development. We encourage an optimal work-life balance. Open communication is crucial in this.

AB Network facilitates the best conditions for it’s professionals. We set the goals high and the AB-er is putting all his effort and use all of his capacities to achieve this goal.


Our policy is to establish and maintain long-term relationships by offering ICT network infrastructure solutions that are feasible to exceed the expectations of the customer. Everyone within AB Network should monitor and improve this policy.


People and processes are our foundation.

Our organization is a social system where people work together to achieve the best results. Our professionals work both as an individual consultant and as a team-player.

Processes improve the individual development and team cooperation. Well organized processes create clarity and space for (professional) development. The goal of those processes is to embed Operational Quality in the organization.

The AB principles

The main AB principles are:

  1. AB is the network (integration) services company. We are the specialist in staffing and consultancy services in the field of infrastructure integration, infrastructure performance management and shared knowledge. We strive to excellence and offer the ultimate one stop shop solution to our customers.
  2. Our core business is professional services in network infrastructure to enforce the core business activities of our customers.
  3. We are vendor independent and focused on customer solution efficiency.
  4. We go for long-term relationships and high customer satisfaction.
  5. We are as flexible as possible, assignments from 1 hour to 10+ years, from short-term to long-term missions and/or managed services.

Our culture

The AB culture is characterized by the following elements:

  • We are pragmatic (in thinking and doing).
  • We strive to become the best in our field.
  • We are direct in both leadership and towards each other (no-nonsense).
  • We have short decision lines in our organization.
  • We strive in our organisation for clear and effective processes with a direct impact on our goals and service levels.
  • We set the bar high, you decide whether you jump.
  • We put the business interest on #1, not our personal interest.

Our core-values

AB Network has eight core values that, in our own words, “reflect our identity and show what we believe in, what unites us, where we stand for and who we want to be”.

  1. We are proud to work for AB Network and to help our customers and colleagues in a professional way.
  2. We progress and improve our knowledge & skills and are alert to new trends.
  3. We work hard every day to earn the appreciation of our customers.
  4. We respect ourselves, colleagues, partners and customers for their continuous efforts and support.
  5. Our involvement is high and we create added value for the customer.
  6. Safety is always our first concern.
  7. We support and advise customers about the impact of new developments and consider the consequences and feasibility of possible future plans.
  8. Enhanced motivation and fun increase the productivity and reduce stress.

Our habits

Our habits:

  1. Be proactive.
  2. Be curious.
  3. Be transparent and build trust.
  4. Be responsible in collaboration.
  5. Be customer minded.
  6. Create long term strategies.
  7. Share knowledge.
  8. Talk with one voice.

To conclude

We are proud to work for AB Network and we like to express that.

AB Network is a private owned originally Belgium company, established in 1987 and since 2010 part of Routz group and has offices in Wallonia and Flanders.