About us


AB Network is an independent full service IT-company.


AB Network is an independent full service IT-company.
It provides network (integration) services and products, staffing and consultancy.

The knowledge and services are to be divided in the competence fields:

  • Infrastructure Integration
  • Infrastructure performance management
  • Shared knowledge

The services of the organisation are based on knowledge development, vendor independancy and customer solution efficiency.

A personal development program for all employees guarantees constant development of the knowledge level of each individual and the company as a whole.

AB Network is characterized by 8 values: Pride, Progression, Appreciation, Respect, Involvement, Safety, Support and Fun.

Her employees work together with each other and with customers by 8 habits:

  1. Be proactive
  2. Be curious
  3. Be transparent and build trust
  4. Be resonsible in collaboration
  5. Be customer minded
  6. Create long term strategies
  7. Share knowledge
  8. Talk with one voice

It’s their way to strive to excellence and offer the ultimate one-stop-shop solution to customers.

The private owned originally Belgium company is established in 1987, since 2010 a part of Routz group international and has offices in Wallonia and Flanders.