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Network (Integration) Services and Products

Staffing and ConsultancyServices in the field of Infrastructure Integration, Infrastructure performance management and Shared knowledge are based on knowledge development, vendor independancy and customer solution efficiency.

For many companies it is difficult to organize the network infrastructure really well. That is understandable because it’s not their core business. It is ours. We know the importance of clarity about the purpose and needs of your business.
Do you want to know the effectiveness of your current network infrastructure? AB Network helps you to make an inventory of the current and desired situation.

A network that is always available. And where you prevent problems or can solve them immediately. With AB Network that is what you get. We provide continuity and availability at a predetermined level, based on methodologies that have become market standards, such as ITIL. And we are happy to advise you on innovation opportunities, so that you are prepared today for the challenge of tomorrow.

Executives from AB Network can be deployed for everything that comes with network infrastructures. From architecture to management, complex or less complex.
Based on your functional and personality requirements we determine which Executive best suits your specific question.

AB Network
Exceeding network ambitons

Our company
is unique in Belgium:

More than 30 years experience.
About 200 long-term local, national & international customers.
Ability to execute.
Expert in IT performances & infrastructure management.
Staffing & Consultancy
High level Consultancy and operational Staffing.
Since 2010, abnetwork is part of Routz Group.
Years of Experience

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